The Unity Party of Colorado is an official voter affiliation option!


The Unity Party of America, a Centrist organization in 37 States and counting, is fighting for Balanced Budgets, Term Limits, the outlawing of partisan Gerrymandering and many other Common Sense positions (in other words, Coloradans, we're fighting for you and every other American).

 See for more information on affiliating with the Unity Party in the State of Colorado (an official option on the State's voter registration form since the successful 2014 petition onto the US Senate ballot of Unity Parties of America and Colorado Chairman Bill Hammons, who successfully petitioned onto the November General Election ballot again in 2016).  As of early August 2016, Hammons was the only Colorado US Senate candidate to successfully petition onto the November ballot out of the four candidates who made the attempt.

Total Unity Party of Colorado affiliations were up 53% in the last 39 days of the November 2016 election alone (the party is now just 24 voters away from being able to place any of its candidates directly onto General Election ballots, no petitioning required).  Check the "Unity" box and join the movement today!



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